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What drives me
I'm enthusiastic towards programming design and development and my passion will never hold me back. I've been always a person who desires to learn new things as I move on through my way. I don't know why but new challenges motivates me to achieve more of myself. Life has taught me on how to keep a pace with the surroundings. You'll know more about me as you dive more...
More of me
More of me
I can't describe myself in words, however I'm a boy who learned something from the global content creators and I think that many more geeks need to know about it. When I was a kid I used to play video games and some outdoor games with my study alongside and till the age of 14 I was pretty much the same due to lack or unavailibility of learning resources and very poor financial condition. But as time passed I grown up and in my teenage I got some of the technical resources and lil good financial value and as I was a born tech lover and computer enthusiast I began to research almost everything that's pretty mnuch available on the global world. The so called 'Google'. But I was not aware of 'YouTube' at that time but soon at the age of 17 I got couple more tech gadgets and smartphones and started to discover more and more.

Dive more
Dive more in
YouTube was new for me at that time. I was watching everybody doing help in learning things and I did the same to get in the social world. Goin global was like a achievement for me which gave me a lot of things. I made new relations with awesome persons out there whom I helped or worked with.

Enough about my past. Now I'm a programmer and developer,YouTuber and a Web Designer. Now I can say that this isn't quite enough and I wanna know more. A tech lover of all time.



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Who Am I ?
I'm a Software & Web Designer And Developer. And Programming Apps for my solo projects gets me motivated towards my Goal. A Passion and belief in me will direct me towards my future.