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BLOG, News
Xiaomi launches 100W supercharge turbo tech at Xiaomi Developer Conference in China. It’s a matter of clash between Xiaomi’s 100W supercharger with Vivo’s 120W fast charging technology. The Xiaomi's 100W supercharger takes 17 mins to fully charge a phone with a 4000mAh battery. At the conferen... Read More
BLOG, Tech
As of now, we have all heard of lithium-ion batteries and their capabilities. It’s been a long journey and we have seen vast applications of it from your laptop, smartphone all the way to the electric cars and planes and now we are looking at a generation pacing forward in technology, science & research tremendously.... Read More
BLOG, India
When it comes to rich and diverse cultural heritage, Our India never lacks behind on beautiful and astonishing architectures. Sooner or later you’ll come to see that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will soon be releasing a new lavender ₹ 100 currency note. The banknote highlights the richness of... Read More
BLOG, Computers
Now, let us understand from the base. What practically is a computer? Anything that calculates, right? The classical computer was invented in the early 19th century by English mathematician Charles Babbage. He conceived of a steam-driven calculating machine that would be able to compute tables of n... Read More
BLOG, Education
The trend always follows the demand, if you'll look a couple of years back then you'll realize that blogging was not that of a craze. But as of 2K21, we are seeing decent growth in terms of bloggers and people who started taking blogging as a career option. These days our market is facing a race tow... Read More
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I'm a Software & Web Designer And Developer. And Programming Apps for my solo projects gets me motivated towards my Goal. A Passion and belief in me will direct me towards my future.